Clearing and PERMANENTLY FIXING a Remington 870 JAM – Failure to Extract FTE

Clearing and PERMANENTLY FIXING a Remington 870 JAM – Failure to Extract FTE

You’ll need to re-blue the stainless after you grind it, using a gun bluing kit:
Birchwood Blue Kit – – AMAZON.COM
Birchwood Blue Kit – – AMAZON.CA

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In this video, I show you how to modify your gun and solve the problem with the 870 jamming after a shot. I`ve had it stuck so bad that the extractor slips off the rim and the shell stays in there!

As this is a firearms video, I’d like to caution you on gun safety. Always point it in a safe direction, ensure the chamber and magazine are empty at all times, and always control muzzle direction, only point at things you and others wouldn’t mind shooting up.

I simulated the worst case scenario of case expansion by deforming the hull and testing it in the chamber, couldn’t pull it out with the extractor, or with a tool, but when I used a cleaning rod and pushed on it, it popped right out without any force, so I came to the conclusion that it was binding on the opposite edge of the extractor, binding. If any of you know what a Chinese finger trap is, you’ll know the harder you pull, the tighter it grips, the binding shell was doing the same thing.

A sanding wheel like I’ve shown in the video is the best way to flatten the bump, you’ll want to polish it after that, I could have used polishing paste, but I didn’t do that as it`s not necessary, would look nice tho, maybe another day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching, and that I’ve helped you fix your jamming 870 for eternity!

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