CUE BALL CONTROL … Everything You Need to Know

CUE BALL CONTROL … Everything You Need to Know

Dr. Dave demonstrates all important cue ball control principles, effects, and skills, all in one place. Topics covered include stop/stun/follow/draw, 90˚ rule, 30˚ rule, 3-times-the-angle system, tangent line, natural angle, good action draw, pocket cheating, cut-induced throw, sidespin effects, speed effects, drag and spin conversion, and CB control drills. Enjoy!

For supporting resources, see:
– 30˚ rule peace sign angle template:
– draw shot technique advice:
– CB control drills:
– instructional videos with many game-situation examples:
Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS):
Video Encyclopedia of 9-ball and 10-ball (VENT):
Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball (VEEB):
– 90˚ rule resources:
– 30˚ rule resources:
– 3-times-the-angle system resources:
– throw tutorial:
– aiming tutorial:

All of Dr. Dave’s full-length instructional videos are available to stream or download here:
and in physical DVD format here:
Detailed product information and purchasing advice can be found here:

Good Luck With Your Game!!!

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