Epic Fail: USFA Zip Gun 22 LR Pistol causes Injury

Epic Fail: USFA Zip Gun 22 LR Pistol causes Injury

This is how I hurt my hand with the USFA Zip Gun. with large hands it’s impossible for me to not partially cover the ejection port. Which creates an opportunity for the hot brass to hang up on my exposed skin with each and every shot. I was able to document what happened one time when a hot brass ejected and burned a circular scar into my finger. for comedy I use beeps to beep out everything but the swear words.keep in mind I react to the wound with swearing and general non operator wimpyness. The zip gun is a polymer pistol designed to mount under the barrel of an ar-15. Head over to www.zipfactory.com if you want to learn more. I have uploaded numerous videos of my trials and tribulations with this gun. I am determined to see it function properly. Next in my quest is to find some CCI minimags and install an upgrade kit in the Ruger bx25 magazines. Hopefully this will lead to increased reliability! This video is called Epic Fail: USFA Zip Gun 22 LR Pistol causes injury. Thank you for watching.

The USFA Zip 22LR Pistol is a polymer bullpup pistol. Designed to mount under the barrel of an AR-15. You could use it like an AFG that shoots 22lr. When the gun was initially sold it had many problems. However, with a spring upgrade the pistol became much more reliable and fun to shoot. Accessories for the zip include an action hold back, belt clip, bx25 reliability kit, suppressor barrel kit, SBR attatchment, Pelican case, Glow in the dark sights. Come back for more zip gun videos in the future as I test my working gun with some of these upgrades.

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