Fail-Safe Safe Chamber Indicator Flags

Fail-Safe Safe Chamber Indicator Flags

Fail-Safe’s Safe Chamber Indicator flags are constructed of a durable, luminescent polymer and filled with a color indicating silica gel desiccant that provide an additional layer of safety and corrosion protection for your firearm. Currently available for 9mm, AR-15 (5.56/300Blk) and 12 gauge. Additionally, all models include a “shoot through” barrel cap that, when used in conjunction with the SCI, provide an ideal moisture and corrosion inhibiting system.

Safety Features

-Provides a quick visual confirmation that weapon is in a safe “clear chamber” status.

-Luminescent material helps locate weapon during low light conditions.

-Assists firearms instructors in confirming “cold range” compliance.

-Ejects like a normal cartridge, allowing for rapid weapon deployment.

Anti-Corrosion Features

-Eliminates barrel moisture, both increasing ballistic uniformity and reducing corrosion.

-Moisture absorbing material absorbs up to 60% of its weight in water. Once saturated, it can be quickly regenerated in either a microwave or conventional oven, providing for repeated use.


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