Gun Safety for Young Children

Gun Safety for Young Children

MIAMISBURG — A tragic gun accident is caught on video: A 9-year-old girl on a fun trip to the shooting range accidentally shoots and kills her gun instructor.

The accident happened in Nevada as the child and her parents were passing through on vacation.

The video shows the instructor explaining the proper way to hold a Uzi sub-machine gun. She fires a single shot but when she attempts to fire several shots she loses control of the gun.

We talked to several gun experts and all said proper training is the key to gun safety at any age but they also said it is important to be properly fitted for a gun as well.

David Becker explained to us what likely happened.

“So a 9 millimeter will recoil up and down when you do it in automatic mode. That’s why it swung back like this and it was going to continue that way until you force it back down with your hand,” Becker said.

Becker owns The Miami Armory in Miamisburg and says he does train children as young as 8 and 9 years old. He says when he trains them, though, he doesn’t even let the child or anyone for that matter touch a weapon without the proper training.

Becker and other experts we talked to think the gun that killed the instructor in Nevada might have been too much for the young girl to handle, particularly if she had very little experience with guns.

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