Gunshot Sound Design: Free Gun Sound Effects

Gunshot Sound Design:  Free Gun Sound Effects

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Make sure you study the clip and get an understanding of how you can use these sounds.

Creating a Muzzle Flash in After Effects is one of the most famous visual effects for VFX editors but few manage to achieve relative realism and even fewer have an in-depth guide.

In the next tutorial I will take you through my way of achieving muzzle flash VFX but not just one flare! We will have a look on how you can pull of a sequence of muzzle flare VFX, the props and most importantly the gun sound effects design (SFX).

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Gear Used:
DSLR: Canon 70D
Lens: Canon Kit lens 18-135mm STM
Ligth: G!steq F-160 LED
Green Screen: Impact Collapsible 5 x 7′ (Chroma Blue/Green)
Editor Program: After Effects CC

*(No Magic Lantern software, the camera has the stock Canon firmware)

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