How to Open Your Safe by Dialing the Combination Lock

How to Open Your Safe by Dialing the Combination Lock

Please enjoy this step by step instructional guide on how to dial open the combination to your safe. These instructions will apply to most high quality residential safes and, high security commercial safes. Here are the instructions below:

How to Unlock Your Safe with Your Combination

There are 4 simple steps to unlock your safe. Take your time, and be precise.

Use the Opening Index, which is where you line your numbers up, located at 12 O Clock.

1. Turn Dial 4 Times to the LEFT, then stop Exactly at “Your First Number”

2. Turn Dial 3 Times to the Right, Passing “Your Second Number” twice, then stopping exactly on “Your Second Number” the Third Time.

3. Turn Dial 2 Times to the Left, Passing “Your Third Number” once, then stopping exactly on “Your Third Number” the Second Time.

4. Turn Dial Slowly to the Right until the Dial Stops and unlocks.

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