Pubg Mobile Live Hindi | Hydra Dynamo Gaming Live | Ron Gaming Live | Mortal live | Carry Minati

Pubg Mobile Live Hindi | Hydra Dynamo Gaming Live | Ron Gaming Live | Mortal live | Carry Minati

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🔆 How to play PUBG Mobile on PC? 🔆
There are many best PUBG Mobile emulators.

1.Tencent Gaming Buddy. (Recommended)
4.Nox Player.
6.LD Player.
7.Remix OS

👉 Friends if you have very low end pc or laptop use can try this “Phoenix OS”

but i,m playing on “Tencent Gaming Buddy”.


🔆 which are best guns in pubg mobile? 🔆

💯 Pubg Air Drop Weapons

2.Mk14 EBR

▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 Best weapons in the Pubg Game are

1.sniper:- Kar98k, M24,
2.Assault Rifle:- M416, AKM, DP-28, SCAR-L, M16A4

Hi, Guys what you think which is the best guns in pubg?
Please comment in chat.

😍 Pubg Name Symbols List

メ イ ℧ メ ꧂ ꧁ ⪻ ⪼ 乂 チ ム 卄丨⻓ ム 爪 几 ୧ ୨ ⪑ ⪒

💻 PC Specs

Processor: Intel I5 Processor 7400 CPU 3.00 GHz
Motherboard: GigaByte B250M-D2V
Ram: 8gb ddr4
Hdd: 1TB
GPU: Nvidia 1050Ti (4gb) OC Edition (GigaByte)
Keyboard: Intex – Model No = DUO304
Mouse: logiteck G302
Headphone: Intex Jogger B Bluetooth Headset with Mic


💌 Community & Livestream Chat RULES

1. No profanity please
2. Please do not type in all caps or use excessive emojis.
3. Please be respectful to everyone in the chat.
4. Please do not yell at the Nightbot, OR MODS. Doing so will result in timeouts.
5. Please no politics or religion.
6. No hate speech (racism, homophobia, etc)
7. Self-Promotion not allowed.
8. Don’t Negativity & Rude Behaviour.


Friends are you think pubg addiction game?, I Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for Watching

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