Women's Gun Safety Course in Las Vegas w/ Ready Tactical LLC

Women's Gun Safety Course in Las Vegas w/ Ready Tactical LLC

Women’s Gun Safety Course in Las Vegas w/ Ready Tactical LLC
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Veteran owned and operated offering instruction in CFP, Home Security/Defense planning, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle (AR-15, Mini-14, SKS, AK) and Long Range Shooting Instruction, Non-lethal, Mechanical & Thermal Breaching and Metallic Cartridge Reloading.

Ready Tactical LLC is dedicated to providing vital firearm and home defense knowledge and skill to concerned citiznes.

Ready Tactical is founded on the principle that bad things can and will happen to good people. In these uncertain times Ready Tactical is the solution for concerned citizens. Many people want to do the right thing by preparing for emergencies and equipping themselves with the correct gear, but without the right knowledge and skill their preparation is incomplete.
Sadly many people feel that firearm instruction is only for the wealthy or leisure class. Ready Tactical prides itself for providing expert instruction without the high cost, so everyday citizens can be as skilled as they wish to be.

With just the right combination of classroom and field training Ready Tactical ensures students leave the course better armed psychologically and physically for any conflict they might encounter. We all hope nothing bad will happen but should we stake our lives and the lives of our loved ones on that hope?

Ready Tactical is not rigid in what we offer. Our courses are as versatile as the people that request them. We provide instruction for those just beginning their journey in the firearm realm or fine tuning and honing for those seeking to build on an already well versed foundation.
We offer NRA certifications for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Personnal protection in the home, Metallic Cartridge Reloading.
Nevada Concealed Firearm Permit. (Utah Permit coming soon)
Home security consultations with in house training scenarios.
Basic Urban Warfighter Series for those who already have a firm grip on firearm safety and basic functions but wish to train for what city dwellers will encounter when chaos descends.
Advanced Urban Warfighter Series for those whose appetites for knowledge and skill are unsatiable; vehicles, barriers, elevated pulse and a few surprises. (Not for the faint of heart)
Ready Tactical will customize the training to your particular concerns and desires.
We offer private classes for individuals, families and businesses.
Pricing is based on availability as well as what training you want. The company was founded so average, everyday citizens can afford the benefits of firearm training.
Email any of us for specifics.


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